Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Message

Be frugal this year and make your own Christmas presents! Click HERE to find out how you can make these cute Hello Kitties or these fun Angry Bird toys.

“Regardless of where we live or our financial situation, the path to preparation will open before us as we comply with the counsel of the prophets and go forward as means and circumstances permit.” Gordon K. Bischoff, The Ensign, Sept. 1997, p. 67)

Why should we have food storage? I think I covered many reasons why over this last year: tight times, lost jobs, helping others... the list can go on for quite awhile.

The term "shelter in place" came up this last week in the news and I wonder if we were told to shelter in place, how long could you hold up?

I feel a lot of people misunderstand that we should store food for the end of the world situation….hmmmm. I would have to say things happen every day. I notice people losing their jobs (that is a huge deal), unexpected medical bills, car dies, refrigerator or washer and dryer die... you can see there are many things and many more I could write time permitting. We cannot foresee what bumps lie ahead on our road of life? If something like this were to happen to you would you feel like your storage would make you feel better or worse??

I like to think if something big happens it takes time for help to arrive, are you in a position to help with your storage? Think about many who have storage dotted all over the map, who would be there first? Neighbor and friends. Try to be in the position to be of help. Sometimes we might be the ones in need and we will be glad that someone else heeded warnings to store what was needed.

Most people cannot run to the store and get all the storage, first off couldn’t get it in the car… most of us cannot do big purchases. How then do we do it? You can do it a little at a time. You would be really surprised how fast it builds up. Remember what I always say... at every store you go in pick one item for storage like, one package of toilet paper or even a box of jello. What if on the normal week you go to five different stores and one is just clothing? Pick up a pair of socks. At the drug store get a first aid item at the end of the week you would have at least five items to add to your storage… it just makes sense.

By the time you get this message Thanksgiving will be over and our thoughts are turned to Christmas.

Remember, watch your spending. Live within your means. I know you don’t want to look past to later down the road. Do you really want to put yourself in a bad situation? Wouldn’t you like to not be taking on huge payments??

I will give some ideas for frugal Christmas... okay, I love the chalkboard mug, how cute is that? Tie a few pieces of chalk and put packets of hot cocoa mix. For that matter write a holiday message on it for who you give it to. - this looks yummy and very inexpensive to make.

Keep working on your goals and skills, you're doing a great job.

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