Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Message

When times are tough we like to make our favorite chocolate cake recipe from scratch. You can get the recipe HERE.

“As we have been continuously counseled for more than 60 years, let us have some food set aside that would sustain us for a time in case of need. But let us not panic nor go to extremes. Let us be prudent in every respect.” (Gordon B. Hinckley, October 2001)

Prudent in every respect... what does that mean?

Prudent: Careful and wise in  handling practical matters; exercising good judgement or common sense: a prudent manager of money.
    2.  Characterized by or resulting from care or wisdom in practical matters or in planning for the future: a prudent investment.

So we must do this in every respect, not going to extreme but a prudent manager of our funds. We need to be wise. We need to live within our income and what we have for income we must not waste. We must not be the woman who shovels more out the back door than her husband brought in the front door.

We may not be in control of everything but there are some things we can control. We can control over spending. We can control following a budget or not, we can control many things…

Cooking from scratch saves so much money. Not eating out so much is huge.
Mending your clothes.
Making your homemade cleaners.
When you have errands, stack them to save gas.
Make your wardrobes work by knowing how to refashion.
Conserve energy, turn lights out when leaving the room, all those things your mom used to say.
Pay your bills before you have late fees.
Drive the speed limit and pay your parking meter.
Find inexpensive meals.
Try some freezer meals for when you are tired.
If you have credit cards pay more than the minimum payments, work hard to pay them off.
When making purchases look for a used version first.
Try to be mindful of your spending and do the best you can. Build a budget cookbook, also build a food storage cookbook based on what you store.

Remember, what I said before… use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. Do you have a plan for do without? The first time you hear that you are laid off it brings stress in that very minute, all you think is how will we manage? Fear? Alone? Tears, then you roll up your sleeves and dig in. Hopefully you have storage and not things you are not used to eating but things you have always been eating. 

Now is not the time for blame, it is time for supporting, it is time for you to put those skills to work that you took the time to learn. You will make chocolate cake and love your family and your family will love you. Times are uncertain with many companies closing, even ones you thought were solid. Being prepared is a real comfort, having skills is such a blessing. Taking time to learn them is a sacrifice that pays big. thought I would take my birthday off and buy bread….eeeew won’t do that again.

I know that some are not bread bakers, if you did not have bread could you make it? Do you have bread baking ingredients and equipment?

Did you know that you should store yeast in the freezer? I also keep a using quart jar of it in the refrigerator for my using jar.

Buy yeast in bulk. I get mine from Sam’s Club (not advertising for them it is just the best price I have been able to find).
Wheat and the ability to grind it. Oil, sugar, salt etc. Remember I use buckets and I put two bay leaves on the product before putting on the lid… flour, wheat, pasta, oats any grains or things that could get bugs.

Learn from others… - I really like what she tells us of her experience this is inspiring this is especially good for all to read

This lady does a great thing, she tells what she did that was frugal each week I think lots could be learned from her.

I think if you jot down things you do you will find you already do a lot but what else can you do? I bet you could find areas to help. making yogurt so inexpensive use your dry bread and make the worlds best croutons can your own food when boneless chicken breast is on sale can it homemade jam soooo good learn to make bread make your own egg noodles best ever when things are tough make chocolate cake, this is our favorite look for used pressure canners and learn to use them - when you find things on a really good sale.

So here are just a few things that I do to help stretch our money.
Keep searching the blog, so many more ideas and recipes! Remember, you are not alone in trying to live more frugally, lets share info.

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