Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Message

“As we have been continuously counseled for more than 60 years, let us have some food set aside that would sustain us for a time in case of need. But let us not panic nor go to extremes. Let us be prudent in every respect.” (Gordon B. Hinckley, October 2001)

Well, I can honestly say my food storage has blessed us on many occasions of late. A huge blessing this week as we have a nasty flu that came on without warning and took us both down at once, flat out.     

On day 20, at the time you're reading this, it has been a ferocious strain of flu that turned into viral pneumonia, it is to be 8 weeks long. I am in bed then get up to fix food, mostly having to rest, get out the pan, rest my head on the counter, open can of soup, put in pan with water, turn on heat, head on counter... you get the idea. If we had to go get food and make it I don’t think we would have been able to. We did utilize going to the doctor to get orange juice and Mucinex. This has been a very hard thing. Dick was having leg cramps because his electrolytes were off, I have powdered Gatorade in storage just for that.

We had no warning whatsoever and went down minutes apart. This flu started on high and is still on high, it is a bedridden thing, barely able to fix food at all.

So, I feel you should have easy things to fix and casseroles in the freezer. Unfortunately, I have been sick since February - that was a stomach bug that lasted 30 days then two weeks with a sinus cold. So I pretty well depleted any sick meals I had early on.

This has been the roughest time in recent history.

What I have learned is you try your best to be prepared and still things happen but we must try to do what we can to do the best we can.

I hope you have been working on your skill building. I read this week that next to cooking, sewing is just as important in your skill building. I think no matter where you are in learning to sew you may want to do this, you know how I feel about binders. - this gets you started

Just maneuver around on her site. I think having a visual is very helpful.

I like her idea of putting the sample in a binder and you can look back as a resource. - here is a great project - great gift too.

Even if you hate to sew it is very prudent to know how. I think it is very interesting that second to knowing how to cook from scratch is sewing. They feel that strongly about it - you need this skill. Any guesses on why that would be?? Yes, we need food and clothing, having knowledge to reuse/refashion. 

I like knowing how to sew. Often I am looking for a pattern and I find I don’t like the trends, tight and short seems be the styles. Knowing how to sew you are not at the mercy of trends and you can make modest clothing. I know everyone wants to be in style but if your sewing skills are up you can enhance sleeve lengths, etc. You get the idea. aprons tote bag I found mine from a yard sale but this is great to make them, they are costly tools. being able to make your curtains saves money so do your own. You can use old curtains that don’t fit or use sheets or when I did the kitchen facelift I made those curtains out of one shower curtain that I had on hand from a yardsale long ago.

We knew a gal that made a tablecloth for every holiday for her table. She would wait till holiday passes then get her fabric on sale. So she had Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, amazing all the wonderful fabrics. Her children always loved the tablecloths.

This same gal took a sheet and strung half a hula hoop through and evened the gathers, then however long she wanted it she would gather and swirl into a flower. This was hung on wall over the little girls' headboard and it was a canopy, very pretty.

So you see with a little skill you can make great things!

Stay healthy and keep working on storage and skills.

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