Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Message

Read through this week's Monday Message for a delicious Orange Rolls recipe!

"Plan to build up your food supply just as you would a savings account... We urge you to do this prayerfully and do it now." President Ezra Taft Benson, General Conference October 1980; and in that same talk, he also said…
“There are blessings in being close to the soil, in raising your own food even if it is only a garden in your yard and a fruit tree or two. Those families will be fortunate who, in the lasts days, have an adequate supply of food because of their foresight and ability to produce their own.”

I think this is powerful. Produce their food, have skills to stretch the food by cooking from scratch, saving on foods purchased, spend wisely, learned skills to help now and in time of need. Raise and teach your children, life is hard so prepare them to be able to manage and to find joy no matter how much they do not have/how to make do cheerfully, not to begrudge things. You can teach them the skills and you can learn with them.  

It is like the fish story, you can feed them a meal or you can teach them to fish and they eat for an entire lifetime. They may never need any of what you teach but I am sure at least once they will need it… fortunes change quickly.

Knowing how to make do is an education. Being happy with what you have is an education. There might be areas you hate but knowing you can do them is an education. Knowing how to live within your means is an education. Learning to work with your spouse or kids when times are tough is an education. Being able to roll up your sleeves and help solve the problem is an education.

I think you see a pattern here, we want to keep learning and growing.

If a husband and wife do not work together but work against each other how can that be happiness? But when you are on the same team you find joy in helping each other and can laugh and have fun - there is no price tag on that.
- learn how some basic hand stitching is done. - how to thread a machine. She is using a Brother sewing machine. You can look at your manual for how to thread your machine, if you don’t have a manual you can look online with your machine info. - very good if you need to learn sewing.

If you do not have a machine check on freecycle, craigslist, ask on facebook or purchase one if you can. If you're getting it free don’t expect to get the best ever machine, just get one that works and go through the lessons. Or maybe borrow one from a parent to learn on.

You know a stitch in time saves nine is a true thing! - how to mend a torn sheet. - make wash cloths from old towels.

So don’t throw away, recycle and be frugal - this stretches out our money. You will feel good for doing it too.

It always makes me think of that Amish fella in front of me in line at the store. He had a nicely stitched patch on his coveralls, his wife proudly extended his work clothes and I am sure he loved that she was doing her part to help him.

Again, it is efficient to keep everything on the computer until the day it gets lost - always generate a hard copy. it is time to think about gardening. Teach yourself how by looking up different ways that could be efficient. 

Learn then apply.

We do that in our lives all the time, it is education. Life is education… you can do it - never quit learning!

On a side note, I adapted a variation to the bread mix recipe to make...

Orange rolls

I take out ¼ c water and replace it with orange juice. Add dry ingredients (which is my jar of bread mix). I add two tbsp. grated orange rind and follow the directions till dough is raised. Then roll like for cinnamon rolls, spread with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. Then cut with pizza cutter to get 48 squares, or as close as you get, layer four squares on side in sprayed jumbo muffin tin holes, let raise then bake at 400 degrees for ten to thirteen minutes. Watch close, you want them gold not burned. Take out and frost while hot.


Two cups powder sugar
One tsp butter
One tbsp. grated orange peel
One fourth cup orange juice

Keep learning every day!

If you want me to cover something you need, let me know by sending me an email

Keep working with your families, not against. It is like the three legged race, you get farther when you work together.

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