Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Message

Dying my own tatting thread is one way I work to be frugal. Check out that post HERE.

(Ezra Taft Benson, October 1973)
“The revelation to store food may be as essential to our temporal salvation today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah.”
(W. Don Ladd, October 1994 General Conference)
    “We all need to build a personal ark . . . And we shouldn’t wait until it starts raining, but prepare in advance. This has been the message of all the prophets in this dispensation . . . as well as the prophets of old.
    “Unfortunately we don’t always heed the clear warnings of our prophets. We coast complacently along until calamity strikes, and then we panic.
    “When it starts raining, it is too late to begin building the ark. However, we do need to listen to the Lord’s spokesmen. We need to calmly continue to move ahead and prepare for what will surely come. We need not panic or fear, for if we are prepared, spiritually and temporally, we and our families will survive any flood. Our arks will float on a sea of faith if our works have been steadily and surely preparing for the future.”

I think we all have been through hard times. How did you do it? No doubt it was difficult. I think once you have been there you have compassion for others going through hardships. What can we do to help? I know we can’t take it away but there are things we could to do to lighten their loads.

We don’t have much income so it has to be used to the max.  A friend who knows this will get a few fresh veggies and fruit and shares with us. She might not think this is much but to us it has been wonderful and means a lot.

Look around you and see who can you help? Most people are private about this and won’t say, so you be led by the spirit.

Now though we cannot do this at this time doesn’t mean there are not other things we could do. Like we have an older couple in our neighborhood, I check in on them and when I bake we share. They don’t fix Thanksgiving meals any more and ours are cut back but we bring them half, it is a blessing to us and to them as they can’t get out much.

This is just one little thing.

There have been other things I have been able to do, not to brag, but only to give ideas. We had a family struggling on our block, at Christmas I was able to deliver a play kitchen I got for free and scrubbed it up and sewed stuff for it and the kids loved it as if it were new.

What things have you done or what ideas do you have? Share with us in the comment section. there are ideas here, some can be even more frugal.   this is great, filled with good info. I think you can find ideas here.

One important thing is to not let yourself feel… "oh poor me," moping will never get you anywhere. Roll up your sleeves and do what you can. Whining and blaming is hard on a marriage….think of how your husband would feel when all you can do is whine and place blame… think how your husband would feel when you find ways to stretch your funds and being so frugal… see what I mean? It is also good for you and your well being too.

Always be learning. We all might not be able to go to college but we can continue to learn. What I have learned over the years about being frugal is more than money could buy me. Life experience is priceless.

Being content with what you have is so important. Life will be richer. I see so many who are not content and they are sad and mad and some very angry. Don’t let yourself go in that direction. It makes a very unhappy home.

Use the yard sales, most of our house comes from yard sales - a used blender works as good as a new one.

Be frugal when you go to yard sales as well. I pack water and snack but the batteries are a good idea too, on this note I always ask to plug it in and check the item.

But now is the time to go find school clothes, look for Christmas gifts too things - you can fancy up.

Those new marrieds can outfit the whole apartment.

It is a new time, we need to stay out of debt. We don’t need the newest next things, that won’t bring happiness.

I would rather go without than go into debt.

Again I mention cooking from scratch - a huge dollar saver.

Look for ways to be frugal.

One more thing I want to stress is if your income is like ours and you are needing to be frugal... I never want you to think you are not a good person, never feel you are a lesser person because of that. That is not what measures a person, so be happy and do the best you can. Keep working on your skills and storage.

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