Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Orange Marmalade

Who said you don’t can in the winter? I leave my canner up all year long!

If there is a sale on meat or if you want to can dry beans for when you are in a hurry, they are all good to have on hand. But today I made orange marmalade - my favorite on English Muffin Bread.

I purchased the oranges on sale three weeks ago, $1.88 for a four pound bag. I love oranges, so stocked up so I could and did munch on oranges, it was hard but I saved enough to make two batches total of jelly jars and a slice of toast worth leftover.

I used the sure jell recipe. I picked up the lemons on the last trip to the store, enough for the two batches and two extra to make lemon biscotti next week with. They were on sale too.

There are many things to can in winter... potatoes and soups. A pressure canner is one of our much needed tools but on these I used the steamer canner.

Keep trying to find the tools that help us save money and build our storage too. Haunt those thrift stores. If you find something you have already, let others know so they too can fill their list.

Do the best you can.

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