Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Message

"Today, I emphasize a most basic principle: home production and storage. Have you ever paused to realize what would happen to your community or nation if transportation were paralyzed or if we had a war or depression? How would you and your neighbors obtain food? How long would the corner grocery store—or supermarket—sustain the needs of the community?" (President Ezra Taft Benson)

I feel strongly that we should be working on storage, skills, living frugally and within our means.

If you stayed within your budget for gift giving you will not be worried about how you will manage and pay off Christmas at the same time.

This would help us to get ready for next year. Start a place to gather gifts or make gifts. Build this up a little at a time rather than having to do it all at once.

I like the gift closet idea for gifts.

As we look toward this new year let's think how to make it more frugal. - here is a topic, though it might sounding like nothing special.... ooooh but wait, if we did this one little task, we save much that could be used for storage and paying down debt.
I think you will be inspired from these three links above.

We don’t have to do extravagant goals or goals we feel bad about not accomplishing instead just the basics.

I have over the years at yard sales and at the library section of free books gathered church-type cookbooks that has everyone’s favorite recipes.

I keep binders as well on food storage recipes and my using cookbook binder. I use binders for a lot of organizing.

Just grab an old binder and paper and dividers that you already have to build a household binder with meal planning as one category and save all your plans to review for ideas later to cut down the time it takes.
One person’s way, her three links above.

I love this gal’s version of a household budget binder…. - these people walk you through how they do meal planning.

Keep working on being frugal and on your storage and skills!


  1. I'm trying hard to keep up with you!

  2. I enjoy meal planning. It's fun to see what we can come up with by using what we already have available. I like the gift closet idea, too. I'm going to try to work on Christmas gifts all year, because Christmas will be here again before we know it!!!

  3. i too will be working all year long too i have already started hoping I can keep it up life gets busy i understand keep us posted on what you do

  4. I've been checking out your blog lately and you have so many great ideas. I want to slowly start incorporating some of them in our household! I started using binders over the past year and find them so helpful. I can keep well used recipes all in one place so they are easy to find. Now to decide what to start on next to make our lives easier, save money, keep us home and plan ahead. Thank your for such an inspirational blog!


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