Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Message

Jar mixes for one pot spaghetti hamburger helper, recipe HERE.

"Today, I emphasize a most basic principle: home production and storage. Have you ever paused to realize what would happen to your community or nation if transportation were paralyzed or if we had a war or depression? How would you and your neighbors obtain food? How long would the corner grocery store—or supermarket—sustain the needs of the community?" (President Ezra Taft Benson)

Now the holidays are over and cold reality sets in brrrrrr. We have had very cold weather and dangerous wind chills.  I hope you had storage to fall back on and stayed in and kept warm.

We had a local gas station chain ran out of gas as it was so cold their trucks would not start as they run on diesel which won’t work in these really cold temps. One thing is definitely certain and that is things are constantly changing. Being prepared is essential.

I hope you were able to take advantage of the sales over the holidays and build up your storage.

I received a food storage gift of the hugest bag of chocolate chips. What a wonderful gift! I will pour into jars and vacuum seal them.

That is a great idea for your gift giving. Who wouldn’t love that gift?

As winter wears on cabin fever sets in…. 

Guess who is winning? :p

If you aren’t up to a riveting game of chess here are some fun ideas to battle cabin fever…

With spring still not here and the dull days of winter still with us, get a fresh flower to bring a reminder that spring is coming.

Taking a good long bath can help your mood…..

But seriously this is the time to work on learning new skills….

You can read a good book or two. My favorite kind are cozy mysteries. Or you could read a book on the skill you're building or maybe some cookbooks…

Don’t forget your mending and teach it to your kids as well, the more the merrier.

I am a great believer in random acts of kindness. Look for people who could use a kind act. That leaves it wide open as who wouldn’t feel happy to be at both ends of that?

Keep working on your storage, every little thing adds up.

Do the best you can!


  1. Every time I see your spinning wheels, I think get yours out and get to work!

    1. oh do get it out and have fun you deserve it

  2. I like the Hamburger helper in a jar idea. I am currently reading the book Powerless , a fictional diary of living a year with no power and how they made it through. Have you read it? It's free in the Kindle lending library, if you have Amazon prime. It sure gives me something to think about. Love the gift of choc chips! I like food gifts, too.

    1. they are good to have on hand taste way better then their counter parts that you can buy. Sounds like an interesting read and kind of scary.


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