Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Message

Scroll down for links how to make your own pasta!

In Argentina, Relief Society leaders are trying to teach the importance of food storage. They wrote: "Unfortunately, most of the sisters [here] cannot afford to buy an extra kilo of sugar, or flour, or an extra liter of oil. However, they have been encouraged to save, even just a spoonful at a time.” (Elaine L. Jack)

This is a great example to us. We can only do what we CAN do so if we can only purchase a few cans of something that is what we should do. We can fit that much into our budget and remember rotate your storage. I have watched a YouTube video where the lady showed her storage but said they will put storage in the basement that they won’t use but save. It could have just been the way she came across but not meant that way at all…she might have meant long term storage but I still rotate everything as to have it not waste.

Check your store flyers as now is a great time to stock as there are lots of sales. Don’t go into debt and don’t over extend yourselves.  Sometimes even sale prices are too much.

I finally pushed through and made the jam from the raspberries I picked and froze this summer.

I have been under the weather for about two weeks with a cold type thing that has made getting things tended difficult.

Think basics… - any mixer will do as well as by hand. 

So that is pretty basic you would store molasses and white sugar.

It is good to find out things we can make from scratch or from basic storage. - a list of items to have on hand to help cooking for scratch.  - this has some scratch recipes. - recipes from scratch cooking. - this is another list of pantry items. - this has many scratch items in it as well and also talks about making noodles. - how to make pasta. - soup making is a great skill to have. - learn how to make muffins from scratch if you don’t already know. 

I really think we need to teach our boys and girls how to cook from scratch. I could have benefited from knowing how.

When I was a teenage girl my friend Shirley would have me come stay overnight. Her mom would bake bread and make homemade noodles. I would go home and tell my sister Terri all about this magical wonderfulness. We both were so excited. This was even a thing that to this day we both make these items. There is never a time I eat homemade bread toasted with peanut butter on it that I don’t remember being at Shirley’s. Thank you, Shirley, for having me over!

How are you coming on your skills? I have been under the weather but will show an update here…

I have finished the back of my sweater and am now working on the front.

I just have to finish the heel on the pink one. In this case I am doing an after-thought heel then this pair will be done and the green one pictured here is the start of another sock. I find that no-think knitting helps me to hear better at church and keeps me from being distracted.

Keep working on your skill building. As you stock up remember the opening quote, try to save "even just a spoonful at a time."

If you haven’t made a sick plan you may want to get that done as flu season is about to spread with the Holidays. I will keep trying to get over my cold.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Thinking of only being able to save a spoon full at a time is a sure reminder to be thankful this season.

    1. still sick they have me on meds so maybe soon yes I thought the same thing on the spoonful. thanks for your comments

  2. I l;love to see pasta drying on a rack. I hope you get over the crud soon.

  3. I hope you are feeling better; it's no fun being sick, especially around the holidays. Your knitting is beautiful and looks like you are staying busy! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. still under the weather today is Thanksgiving hope to be better by Christmas


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