Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday Message

In Argentina, Relief Society leaders are trying to teach the importance of food storage. They wrote: "Unfortunately, most of the sisters [here] cannot afford to buy an extra kilo of sugar, or flour, or an extra liter of oil. However, they have been encouraged to save, even just a spoonful at a time." (Elaine L. Jack) 

Can you imagine how hard it is for them? I think they set an example for us...if they can do it so can we!

This week I was in the car running errands and had the radio on. They were talking about food waste and how so many people look at the dates on cans and toss them even while the food is still good. They said this is adding to the greenhouse gases. They also said more young people are tossing food as well and that home economics classes that teach food safety are no longer offered in schools. Young people don't know what to look for in spoiled foods. 

Stopping home economics sure hasn't helped, it is letting those kids down. Can you imagine how better off they would be learning basic life skills while still in school?! Life isn't easy as it is, this only makes it harder for them.

Imagine all the things you have learned...did you know how to use spices right off ?? Or how to slice, dice, mince, all sounds like a funny language.

We learned lots from home economics.

If you still have kids at home try to fill in so they know the basics. Cover topics like.... 

Basic cooking
Sewing on buttons
Food safety
Cooking from scratch... yes, little Billy, you can make popcorn without a microwave.
And how does food all get done at the same time? What are measuring tools and how to use them?

I would make cookies for after school so they were coming out of the oven when my kids would get home. One of their friends asked me how do I know to do so many?...she meant different kinds of cookies.

I know some kids who know how to make wonderful cookies from scratch... I say, well done parents, well done!

We need to work alongside our kids in the kitchen as well with other chores. Yes, we all know we could do it faster alone but what does that teach? Nothing. So let them learn in the kitchen about preparing food as all too fast they will be out on their own. Teach them before they have to learn on the job. I can truly say it took me a long time to learn. Oh, I had dish washing down but not much else.

I knew a sweet lady who when her kids would do dishes she would wash and they would dry and it was a race. If the dryer caught up to the washer they could quit. Make it fun! If you show them how to make pancakes, make them the queen or king of pancakes.

Get the recipe for these AMAZING diner style pancakes HERE.

And just how many pancake variations can you come up with? I remember fondly someone put corn in the pancakes, I loved them!

Make mixes together. Learn how to make the mix and how to store the mix, such as pancake mix. - this has some mix ideas. - here are more ideas. - this one is my favorite.

Now with the kids home for the summer it would be fast to fix meals if you had some of these mixes on hand.

I also like to have my mixes filled full before winter.

What are some mixes you make from scratch?

If you have favorite store bought mixes have you ever done a search to find a homemade recipe for it?

Keep working on your storage and living frugally and help others as you can.


  1. My kids made my husband breakfast for Father's Day. They asked him what he wanted and did it all including cleanup. They made french toast with strawberries and bacon. My kids can do all of the things on the list. It always amazes me when kids go off to college and know nothing. They should also have basic car repair and household repair knowledge. My roommate in college didn't know that the claw on the hammer was for pulling out nails. I thought it was funny at the time but now I think it is sad. Our job as parents is to make them independent adults.

    1. that sounds yummy for sure thanks for your comments

  2. Years ago I watched an episode of Oprah because I was interested in the subject which was food waste. They profiled a family who grocery shopped every Saturday whether they needed to or not. Before going to the store they brought in a huge garbage can and threw away every food item they had purchased the previous week. Even unopened foods were tossed. It was absolutely crazy but that family thought the food was no good after a week at their home. Even millionaire Oprah was astonished. Their grocery bill was hundreds of dollars every week because they bought everything that anyone in the family might want along with foods for meals that they never got around to eating. They were quite surprised to find out that they did not need to throw out everything left after one week in their kitchen. My thought was, 'How could they have been under this impression?' That is where we have gotten to in America. Another family thought that they had to purchase everything in individual serving size packages because they assumed that anything they opened would go bad in a few hours. They were quite surprised to learn that a bottle of juice could be opened and kept in the refrigerator for a week or more, etc. My Mom has been saying for decades that this kind of knowledge along with basic cooking skills were going to be lost and I she was right. This is why families will go out to restaurants and pay a lot of money for food that does not even taste good because they have no clue how to prepare it for themselves. If there is ever a disaster they will not be prepared with nonperishable food on hand or the knowledge to cook from those basic ingredients.

    1. oh dear i never heard those before it does make me wonder is that what their parents did???? or did they just come up with the idea like when i was six and my sis three i told her that if we threw water on a dry star fish it would come to life and get us hmmmm

  3. I remember as the kids were growing up always having extras at dinner especially on Sundays as I always had homemade bred and food. Kids really love a homecooked meal.

    1. that is a fact mine ask if i have homemade bread made up as they love it toasted

  4. I made your pancake recipe this morning. It was sooo good. Thank you.

  5. Replies
    1. We were little the rest of the story is it set high on bookshelf that sat to the back of my brothers desk and we would get a glass of water and toss it up miss again miss this was quite a few tries the last time it hit we turned and booked out of there like no other and we did not go down in the basement for weeks now it was our area of house we played our toys were there his bedroom was off to one side so you know we were pretty scared to not go down for weeks as I was looking back on this water must have gotten all over his books and papers as we tossed the water up but he would have been nine no one ever said anything about the wet stuff how funny guess I have a creative mind I was the one who said if we rocked our dolls every day they would become real babies so we would rock them for hrs everyday this was same age as the starfish incident

  6. I love the jars of herb mixes and herbs and spices.

    1. My husband made me the little shelf they are on

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