Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday Message

"Our bishops storehouses are not intended to stock enough commodities to care for all the members of the Church. Storehouses are only established to care for the poor and the needy. For this reason, members of the Church have been instructed to personally store a year’s supply of food, clothing, and, where possible, fuel. By following this counsel, most members will be prepared and able to care for themselves and their family members, and be able to share with others as may be needed." (President Ezra Taft Benson)

This quote packs a lot in it. We all could benefit from following this example.

Trying to have things on hand will bless our family and others.

Now with fall coming on it is time to think about what lies ahead and planning for it like I mentioned before, are we prepared for winter??

Some things we know are coming and some things we don't.

So being prepared the best that we can is SO helpful. We all have been through so much this last while. Our ancestors faced hard times just like we are now. They showed how strong they were and how, no matter what, they pressed on doing the best that they could and finding happiness along the way. We can as well. Nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse. So we can set an example for others. We see Covid numbers going up, we went through this last year so we know what to do.

I talked about this shirt last week and how I made a pattern off a shirt I liked for comfort. Learning this skill helped me with this...

I got this shirt used years ago. Once, putting it on I knew they had sewed two back pieces together in construction. I carefully picked out the front neckband from shoulder to shoulder only in the front. Then I folded the front in half and cut the neck like it should have been and reattached the neckband and it worked wonderfully. Being able to sew and learning skills has been very helpful. I think on any t-shirt if you wanted to even just change the shape of a neck you could do the same process. - this is a fantastic sewing machine tutorial, I love this gal. - here she takes you through making a pattern and making a gathered skirt, she shows beginning to end.

I am trying to learn more on sewing skills myself  I have been blessed by knowing how to sew and it is a good skill to build on.

Building our skills helps us to be able to stretch our budget.

These are a few more things I do that stretch the budget. The more we can do ourselves, the more we save.  Learn those skills, it makes a difference - this gal shows her storage. - this has some good info. - here she tells more. - helpful ideas here, she has kitchen tips plus more info near the bottom.

Missy says to try and do something you enjoy everyday.

Gus says please be safe.


  1. Becky, thank you for sharing your life and your talents with us. I absolutely get tired, seeing all the work you do every day, non stop work, work. Did you teach yourself to knit those beautiful projects? I can make only flat things ie hats and afghans. Maybe I will try socks and sweaters with your encouragement. Enjoy seeing Gus and Missy and all your pics. Thanks again. Dee

    1. yes i did teach myself to knit and continue to teach myself ask me any questionsa you have i can try to help

  2. Debby in Kansas USAOctober 1, 2021 at 5:56 AM

    Hi Becky! I'm late this tired week. We had an abnormally busy weekend last week and I'm just now feeling sorta caught up!! It was a fun weekend, but tiring. We did get a couple of things done, which is always a good thing.
    I repainted an old step stool that my MIL got back in the 1940s. It's for decoration only and still looks old, but we love the way it turned out. I also started painting an old shelf/curtain holder that my husband found on trash day. It's exactly what I need for the office as I'm removing the blinds for curtains. Easier maintenance in old age!

    I'm also working on gift making in hopes of getting things done and shipped by early November. I got my Christmas stamps already, made my dove ornaments, and now just need to type and print the letters. All going smoothly.

    Starting an early lookout for turkeys on sale. I saw that there might be a shortage so I wanna be ready to pounce! Empty shelves in places. Our ketchup shelves were bare last week and we finally got vinegar after more than a month. My friend in Southern Cal said they have no cream cheese!

    Your Missy always has big eyes on something! I'll get nothing gets past her! And Gus just always looks so mellow. Scratch, scratch!!

    1. yes gus is mellow miss watches everything but mostly she is always waiting for me to go upstairs gus sleeps then calls out for me i call out saying i am here and then he comes too funny they are. you are making great progress...a good example for us all and a good thing to mail early as mail is going to be slowing down.


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