Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Message

"Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through the home production and storage, but others as well." (President Ezra Taft Benson) I saw this, it is orderly, no fighting, shoving, and they don't have much in their carts. It's a different scene than what happened here last year when everyone was fighting over toilet paper.

Now is more important than ever that we help each other. - love this gal. Scroll down to see other mixes. We love the scone mix. - frugal and glad to have on hand.

It is at this time of the year I am wanting to have mixes made up for winter. - these are easy to make. - she has gifts in jars. - this has great varieties of biscotti, could be great gifts. - this is always easy, just pop them in the oven when your meal is almost ready.

It is great to have the bread mixes made up ahead. Also, you can give them as a gift in a jar or a bag if you know the person has a bread machine, even if they don't, they can stir the bread together. Here is a link to the RECIPE. It was first made to dump and stir, such a great way. We just do plain and then you decide what variation you want from the mix. You can make rolls or hamburger buns or cinnamon rolls, it is really endless with just this mix.

This week our dryer went out. Suffice it to say I know more inside that dryer than outside now. It took three days and a couple parts but it is back to going again - yay our team! We used YouTube but they showed replacing a thermostat, there are three and none were it but those helped when we got to the bad part. It takes $100 just to have a repairman drive ten miles and ring the doorbell. Then it is $90 for every half hour. So that was our frugal deed this week. I am glad it worked out. So think about repairs you have to make. Can you learn how to do them on YouTube?

Our weather is turning colder. Missy and Gus love magazines and books, they both say to make sure you have good things to read on those stormy cold nights.

The garden is still winding down. We picked the last watermelon and since it is so close to Halloween I drew a face on him...

It looks like there will be some shortages so be prepared for that. Now is the time to stretch things a little further. With the holidays coming, it's time to make new traditions! Look for ideas to make them fun but frugal to fit your budget. The holidays may seem different this year than your family is used to but we can still make them special anyway. With a little more effort it could be the best one ever.

Gus and Missy say please keep being safe as flu season is going to collide with Covid. Wash your paws. Missy says let her know if you need her to show how to demonstrate the proper way again and Gus says keep wearing your masks and please be safe.


  1. I love the Halloween watermelon! My favorite Little House Living recipe is her dill dip. So simple and delicious!

  2. I love that your watermelon is sporting a mask for Halloween!

    My friend in California says canned cat food is getting harder to find. I haven't noticed any shortages in pet food here, but it seems like the shortages are regional. My market was completely empty of Qtips and cotton balls on Sunday! No sale or anything. My friend in Montana took a picture of her empty yarn aisle. We went to Sam's on Saturday and it looked completely normal.

    We enjoyed our first grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch of the season on Sunday after church. so tasty!

    Today looks to be our last warm day, about 70, and then it looks like we'll be firmly into fall. My goal is to not use the heater before Nov. 1st. Just a few days left...!!

    Make sure you keep plenty of treats for Gus and Missy for their good Public Service Announcements!

    1. Thanks for sharing the information yes we are all in for a change for sure. Pains me to think of California cats without cat food we never wanted to start using can food for the cats they seem happy not knowing such thing exists. But they like some people food but not much. They appreciate your plug for treats. We don't get out of 50's all week thirties for low Missy says time for the elec blanket!


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