Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gifts from my sister

My sister, Terri, drove five hours from Minnesota to bring a loom she refurbished for me. What a good sister!

It took three of us to bring it inside the house. 

Above is a picture of the loom pre-warped. We set it next to the fireplace and got busy warping right away.

Here is a picture of it all warped up!

Terri (pictured above) taught me how everything worked and how to weave on this loom.

Here I am trying it out on my own and it was so much fun! Below is an up close picture of the scarf in progress.

So now from big to little these are how my looms measure up....

Above is Big Bertha. Her official name is Weaver's Delight, she's a rug loom and has a rug in progress.

This is Bertha who just arrived this weekend on my sister's trailer. Right now Bertha has a scarf in the works. She is an Over the Head Jack Loom with eight harnesses and was built from a 1920's kit. The bench was made from the original owner's cradle.

And lastly, Baby Bertha who also arrived this weekend with my sister. Baby Bertha is a four harness table loom and also has a scarf in progress.


  1. What a great sister you have! These are great looms!

    1. I love my sis :)

      I would love to learn the name of the floor loom with the scarf on it. My sis refurbished it, she bought it from a lady who said it was built from a 1920’s kit. I know it is a jack loom. The bench was built from the lady's crib, too neat!


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