Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Message

With winter coming and rumors of a bad winter on the way, now is the time to prepare.

It is a good time to take stock of what is low in your storage. Toilet paper is high on my list, especially with flu and cold season. Get flu shots soon - there will be clinics. Have some cold meds on the shelf. Have a sick plan (having a casserole in the freezer at all times is good).

So start thinking on this and make ready. You do not want to be the person on the news who had to go to the store for eight gallons of milk, right?

Winter always makes me think of being snowed in. Oh what to do when the electronics go off? Have those board games all organized and ready. Have goodies stashed and have one fantastic family time!

Now is the time to make sure the winter kit is in the car.

Also, as I mentioned before, try to put gas in at the halfway mark instead of empty in case you get stuck on the interstate (it happens a lot!). Plus winter weather and accidents equals bumper to bumper traffic for hours and hours in very cold weather. find recipes using your stored food. - this is very good advice.  good ideas, it sometimes is hard to come up with ideas to save. this is a great idea though we don’t get hurricanes we do get ice storms that take down power, so keep informed on the weather and try to think of what could help if power goes out. Ask those who have been through it or just sit and close your eyes and think what you would wish you had prepared and make it happen. Don’t let things get in the way of taking care of what you need to do. this could be a great family nite activity to all learn. Mostly refresh learning these things, I am just on auto pilot washing my hands all the time but wee ones are always in a hurry and forget. this is great on how to use wheat without a grinder…. I just had to add these, I love these pancakes! learn from others

One thing I have noticed is if you have truly had the experience then you are really compelled to have storage, next best thing is to learn from others.

Keep working on your skills. We all don’t have to be the best in the world but just knowing and being willing to learn goes a long way! - some basic skills this is a good one to look around on.

Keep working at building skills. Add to what you already know and remember you are not competing against any one, and that it does not matter that you are not the best. I am pretty sure there is no one person who is the best at everything and really what does it matter? What matters is your family and what you need to do for them.   

Remember you can teach yourself wonderful things this time with YouTube and books and computers. You can learn so be your own teacher and learn what you can teach your children. Be prepared and do the best you can and be the best you can… not everything will be all wonderful i.e. cleaning toilets but one has to anyway, other things will be more fun….you can do it!

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