Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Message

Here is a picture of the latest sweater I'm recycling for yarn (Gus is helping me out).
Peace of mind to live within our means, things are things and probably you would hate that thing if you spent money for it that you did not have and came up short at the end of the month. It would make you feel bad that you did that and made such stress. So think before you do that. I am finding the older I get that actually things I thought what would I do if I could not get this grocery item only to find out I do very well. So look for alternatives there are usually several other options that will work. Be creative. this is inspiring. this would be cute with a little tee under it.
this too is a cute dress great info here  good to recycle

Right now I am taking apart a sweater for the yarn this is the best I have seen explaining it. this has helpful ideas.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - Theodore Roosevelt. How true this statement is…food for thought. some great ideas here as well. this is a great beginner knitting project

Remember gift giving time is coming plan for it wisely, lock up the plastic…..get an early start. Things get so stressful to wait to the end.

Google some gift ideas that will not break the bank.

Remember to put food storage on your list. Also things like dehydrator, vacuum sealer, pressure canner... things that will assist you in getting your storage a huge boost.

Keep working on your storage at the same time keeping it up and rotating it, we can multi-task can’t we?

What wouldn’t you sacrifice for your family?

Teach your children to sew on buttons, cook a simple food item, help them with the things that could help on a mission how to iron a shirt a dress how to wash clothes not just the folding but start to finish.

Keep doing the best you can!

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