Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frugal Kitchen Facelift

I was inspired by my friend Liza's kitchen upgrade and decided to see what I could do for mine with no budget and only using what I had on hand.

The facelift started with painting the lower cupboards using a can of paint I already had.

I gave away one of the tables I had in the kitchen and left these two smaller ones.

I moved an oven that can go on top of my woodburning cookstove and placed it on the floor next to the tables. It's over a hundred years old and I got it at a yardsale a long time ago for $3. I use it to store my bread pans.

We took off the doors and I painted the faces of the cupboards to have nice open shelving.

Without the cupboard doors it made the kitchen a lot bigger.

I moved the spice jars over to the shelf on the other side of the kitchen closer to the mixers.

On one of the nicest days we had so far, we took down the oven hood, scrubbed it up and let it dry. Then we sprayed it black with spray paint we had on hand.

These curtains above the windows are the old curtains. I made them out of napkins years ago. The sun has since faded them so new curtains were in order.

I moved my gallon jars to the shelves so I could have them all together by the mixers. I was inspired to keep all the baking things together based off my friend Liza's baking nook. A lot of rearranging had to take place to get all the jars together.

I made my "new" curtains out of an old shower curtain. To prevent fading I lined the curtains for the main window with a white sheet.

In the right of this above picture you can see the black spray painted oven hood. You can see it better in the picture below.

I used every bit of the shower curtain until nothing was left over.

Homemade bread is in the toaster ready to be toasted for breakfast.

In order for me to move the gallon jars to the kitchen I had to take them off this shelf and then filled it back up with cookbooks, a person can't have too many cookbooks!

Overall, I'm super happy with the kitchen face lift. From this angle you can see the door frame where we mark how tall our grandkids are. Opposite that you can see the beautiful aprons my dear friend Liza made, fitting as she was the inspiration throughout the whole project.


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