Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday Message

"Most of us cannot afford to store a year’s supply of luxury items, but find it more practical to store staples that might keep us from starving in case of emergency." (James E. Faust)

I want you to continue stocking up as you can. Also, consider making a food basket for gift giving - a great idea to help others have food in the house. - I love the Iowa Housewife... I am not sure what part of Iowa they are from but this post makes one sit up and take notice. I have been seeing similar posts from all around the country but this is the first from right here. I love this gal, she does a lot of frugal things.

As we prepare for gift giving this year, I wanted to supply you with some very frugal gift ideas. - I have a favorite and that is the melted snowman bark, how cute is that? - I like the little tree ornaments with buttons on and the bottle cap magnets.

One podcast I watched, the mom showed what she and her husband were giving their kids this year. They were small items - a cradle and doll for their young daughter, a book and Legos for older ones to have things to open. The big gift is a notebook of fun things they all want to do together, like they have been wanting to go to a put-put miniature golf place (I am guessing they aren't up north). But they put together this binder of places they will go as a family once a week. I thought that was a nice gift.

Along those lines, I saw another where they get two Lego packages of the same thing - one goes to a grandson and grandpa keeps the other, then they assemble it together over zoom, that is neat.

We used to put together a puzzle as a family during Christmas so I thought just the two of us would work a puzzle over Christmas this year.

Think back to your most frugal Christmas ever and maybe you can bring back things you did for this year.

Do you have pets? If so, have the kids make a homemade gift for the pets for Christmas. They will have fun making and playing with the pet with the items.

Missy says find ways to stay safe because you are important to her.

Gus says he really likes the pet idea but says we all really do need to do more safety measures. 

It is time to bring back some of the old traditions that are virus free... like we would go for a walk at night after a snow storm. It was so quiet and so pretty and people would be in their homes with the lights on looking all cozy. The cost of this was free.

Our town is small but you could go for a walk and flip a penny - heads turn right, tails go left, so you do this at the corners.

One year we had an ice storm right after a huge snow storm so one evening we took pennies and skidded them on those icy banks, lots of fun and we still find the pennies outside. - great ideas, did you notice the parking garage made of toilet paper tubes? What little boy wouldn't want that? - some fun ideas here, I love the nativity scene, it could be made together then tell the story. - this was a fun find this week, I watched her do it on their podcast, she said she has her kids help wrap them. - some great ideas here. - more ideas. - I put this in here because winter is almost here. - prepare for winter but I think cozy should be an all year-round thing. - lots of ideas. - I think cozy is good.


  1. We enjoyed your chocolate cake over the Thanksgiving weekend which I baked to celebrate our grandson's birthday since he was here visiting. I will be baking that again! It was delicious and so easy!

    1. i am so glad you liked it...we love it too. i got that recipe from a neighbor in 1976 or so i have been making it ever since.

  2. Thank you for the great links this week. As for Missy, what was she looking at to have that look on her face?

    1. that is her i see a squirrel face she also cackles at the birds she is a funny one as if on cue here she comes.

    2. she very much is a pretty princess

  3. Our Aldis here in Illinois have also been hit hard by supply chain problems. I have a good store at home, so there hasn't been anything I've *needed* that I couldn't get, and I'm creative enough that I can substitute or switch my food plans up with no problem, but the empty shelves are definitely a little surprising to see.

    Your post gave me an idea! We're an interfaith family, so my daughter gets both Hanukkah and Christmas; she's been really into hot cocoa this year, so I think I'll throw her together a big batch of homemade hot cocoa mix as a gift. She'll love that. :)

    1. that is fantastic and the best of both faiths love is the safe


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