Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday Message

"Follow the prophet. He has counseled us to plant a garden and fruit trees. This year don’t just think about it—do it. Grow all the food you possibly can. Also remember to buy a year’s supply of garden seeds so that, in case of a shortage, you will have them for the following spring." (Vaughn J. Featherstone)

It is time to put that garden in. - I love her site.

Our frost date is the tenth but I have had an eye on the weather and we have warm weather so I went ahead and planted. It was a hard and very painful job for me but it is tended. Hoping that is the worst of it. It took two days and lots of pain. I have fibromyalgia and so it is very painful to do it. But you hopefully won't have it so hard. I gather grass clippings to put on to keep the weeds at bay.

This year we put in two apple trees and two plum trees, some grapes, asparagus, another rhubarb because mine wasn't doing well and I think it was offended so it started to improve?? :p

We put in a strawberry bed and for Mother's Day my husband got this flexible tubing and screen material to make a cover for the strawberries. I will pull up each side to work in there. This was my request for Mother's Day.

I watch a YouTube channel where the gal is a knitter and spinner - I loved the sweater she designed and knit, it is the one she is wearing. She called for test knitters and I signed up to be one. It was a frugal thing to do as you get the pattern free to knit and find any errors before she releases the pattern for everyone else. Since we are watching our budget like all of you are, I thought even though I would be busy with the garden I would do it as I like the sweater. This is a stretch my skill thing as well.

I am using what yarn I already have on hand from that famous yarn haul years ago. After doing the swatches, I finally decided to pick the yarn on the right in the picture.  

This project bag is one I made last year...if you look closely at the picture you will see my supervisor Gus who was thoroughly bored to sleep.

Now that the garden is in I will be working hard on this knitting project.

I was amazed to see my parsley was still alive and growing after the hard winter we had.

We ordered a package of socks for my husband from Walmart  and this is the second sock I have had to fix. I expect I will have to do them all. The hole is in the exact same spot as other one was, it just separates from the heel, there's no wear. It's like they used some lesser yarn to attach the heel. Plus, if you notice in the first picture, that light gray yarn is pilling really badly, not like the rest of the sock, so I suspect it to be the culprit.  

So if you were unlucky enough to have gotten these socks, time to work on your darning skill. My tip is to mend whatever needs it right away. It is easier to take fifteen minutes now rather than spend hours mending a stack of things later and you won't be behind as well. It makes you appreciate a stitch in time saves nine, doesn't it?

It is the frugal thing to do and we are all going to have to be more frugal as time wears on.

I am reminded over and over of Noah's ark and what preps they must have had to do. We don't have it as hard because we don't have to clean up all that animal poo :p

Gus says be working on your storage. The wheat shortage will effect most things we eat so be sure you have what you need on hand. And if you don't eat wheat, store what you can have as people will probably turn to that if they can't get the other.

Missy says keep wearing masks, Covid is rising again. She also wonders how one grows cat food in the garden?? 


  1. We have had to go to all containers here to make it easier to grow some veggies. Getting old is not for wimps! I hope to get to the local donut shop very soon to buy some ore of their buckets for $1 each. The more we can grow ourselves this year the better,

    1. That is for sure on everything also buckets can be used for pasta grains lots of things but they work great as growing containers good job

  2. Can you tell me more about the wheat shortage? I bake all our bread products and now I’m concerned

    1. The war in Ukraine is the main reason they grow lots of the wheat, Russian soldiers were taking the wheat away to Russia as well but I suggest you stock up a bit on flour or what you use in baking bread.

  3. Debby in Kansas USAMay 17, 2022 at 6:12 AM

    Hi Becky!
    I was unfortunate enough to get undies like those socks a couple of years ago. Completely annoying! The elastic waistband would unravel and separate from the cotton. After the third one, I just took the lot and resewed all the bands.
    Glad I can sew!

    I think it was Fortune magazine that said both wheat and corn will be in short supply in 2023. Aside from the Ukraine not being able to ship, I think India is keeping their own supplies. I imagine the US will do the same at some point. Being in Kansas, we have no wheat shortages that I've seen, but I expect the prices to rise more. I've noticed that the pasta shelves are pretty depleted, leaving only the most expensive. I'll give it up altogether before I pay $2.79 for a pound of noodles!!

    I'm glad your feline pair are on the job!!

    Love the sweater pattern.

    1. I did hear that about India they all will have to keep theirs to feed their nations thanks for filling in on the info

  4. Wow! My DH had/has those same socks. The holes are in the same spot. I never noticed. He's hard on socks because of his work-construction. I just recently bought him some new socks. I was able to make those socks last for about five years. I don't fix the holes. He goes through so many socks for his work my life would literally be about fixing holes. Sometimes you just need to say I am not doing that, lol. If he had a different job I would probably mend the socks. I just kept replacing the socks with matches. Now, he's down to three or four pairs. The newer socks I got him seems to be doing well.
    I got a new puppy this month. Our garden will probably be on hold. She has already tore through some of my plants because she is a puppy. :)
    I agree with Missy about growing cat food in the garden. I hope you are not experiencing shortages trying to buy their food. It's been challenging in my area to get pet food. I am always stocked up for a couple of months ahead. It's been stress inducing trying to find special pet food for all my animals. My heart goes out to those who can't find food for their furbabies that don't have a pantry setup to buy extra.

    1. Hi I never let them learn about canned cat food only dry and I am ahead on it for a few months I too worry on it tho same as I worry for all the babies and no formula. Puppies are so fun.

  5. I used to could plant the garden in a I take it slower and plant a few rows at a time. We will wait till next week for planting. By the way I love that cover for your strawberries. Where did you get it?

    1. I am way slow now for sure. The strawberry cover is flexible pvc pipe and the rest was screen that one would build a screen door with....i used heavy wire we had bent like an upside down u and used as a staple to shove in the ground. Now this is not perfect but we have been having so much wind that for now this is what we are doing it will be a pain to get into but probably won't need to for a while...when that time comes out will come my staples and we will take it off and staple to a wood frame so I could lift off I will probably have to watch to see if wind blows it off if so I could use a strap and two of the staples but that is what we did I know if you look on Amazon they make row covers but we be the poorer type people this is what we did.


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