Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Message - Building food storage

Provident living class will be Jan. 14 at 9:30 at the Shook's, it will be on sourdough.
Consider the important (food storage) program which we must never forget nor put in the background. As we become more affluent and our bank accounts enlarge, there comes a feeling of security, and we feel sometimes that we do not need the supply that has been suggested by the Brethren. . . . We must remember that conditions could change and a year’s supply of basic commodities could be very much appreciated by us or others. So we would do well to listen to what we have been told and to follow it explicitly" (Spencer W. Kimball, in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 170; or Ensign, May 1976, 124). - here is a site that breaks down getting storage in, you can adapt it to what you like to store. It is a little harder now with the huge change in the church's home storage centers. If you look at the order form you will notice that it is harder now but I still say not impossible to keep working on it as you can.

A reminder that the new Walmart in Ames carries 25 lb bags of white wheat. They never have many out but they do carry it and this is now the cheapest avenue to get wheat that I have found tho Brother Gardunia once told me that one can get from the elevators, so you can ask him as well.  If your Walmart does not carry the wheat ask them to get it for you.

Prices are higher and with so much taking chunks out of our pay it is hard to stay afloat on the groceries let alone working on storage, so you just have to keep at it. I think Costco and Sam's still have good prices on bulk bags of beans and rice. - this is helpful for you to get your three month storage in with menu ideas. - if you are past three month storage this has some ideas on it for twelve month storage (I think this gal looks like Sister Watson)

Since we will be starting a new year this would be a good time to follow her plan or one like it. I also like how she has it broke down into spiritual prep and the other stuff one needs so give this a good look and see if it is something doable for you. - a four step approach. this is my favorite thing to dehydrate as it is the easiest to prep. All you have to do is dump the frozen veggies on the tray and really it is done by next day, so you can do this any time of the year. So for a few dollars depending on the size of your dehydrator, and they are wonderful to have on hand. I make a veggie chili soup which I do in the crockpot and the dried veggies and when it is ready to eat you would not know I dried them as they taste wonderful like I just pulled them out of the freezer. So if they are frozen, why dry them right? Because they take space needed for other things i.e. meat and by next month they develop freezer burn so storing in the freezer is not a good long term storage solution for the veggies.

I put the dried in jars and vacuum seal them to keep them longer and really they do have a sale on them quite often so if you have a dehydrator you can put these in for some of your veggie storage. Nice to have things stored differently i.e. dried veggies, canned veggies, home canned veggies... you get the idea (not having our eggs all in one basket). Some like freeze dried too but not having any or tasted them, you might check those out too.

As you watch the ice storm in Maine and Canada, it is easy to see what things you need to improve on by hearing their story.. so I thought for one thing this would be good but you would be using it outside. NEVER run your generator in your garage or in your house or you will die!! So keep that in mind and this would be a way to cook if you had electric stove and no way to cook, this would be good and looks fairly easy to make.  I think this would be a good idea to have on hand on busy days and days like I am having where I am getting a cold  and this way you would not have all the chemicals.  this is less expensive then its counterpart. this looks good, it has the quick mix in the paragraph above the jar. What a fun thing! Hand it to the kids to shake it :)

Now that Christmas is over, winter gets hard. I wanted to throw in cabin fever ideas..

This should give you some ideas. We always like to make a fort by covering the table with huge blankets :) Have fun!

Keep working on your storage and learning the skills that will help your family find ways to live on less and enjoy life!

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