Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Message - Making a budget

Provident Living - Jan. 14 will be our next class at 9:30. It will be on sourdough.

Ezra Taft Benson, “Prepare Ye,” Ensign, Jan. 1974, 68
Let us not be dissuaded from preparing because of a seeming prosperity today, or a so-called peace. I have seen the ravages of inflation.I shall never forget Germany in the early 1920s. In December 1923 in Cologne, Germany, I paid six billion marks for breakfast. That was just 15 cents in American money. Today, the real inflation concern is in America and several other nations.
“The time is about ripe,” said President Lee, “for the demonstration of the power and efficacy of the Lord’s Plan which He designed as ‘a light to the world, and to be a standard for my people, and for the Gentiles to seek to it.’ ” (Deseret News, Church section, December 20, 1941, p. 7; see also D&C 45:9.) - this is a good food storage site, she shows how to use it in everyday living. - this has some grocery getting on a budget ideas on it

this is her recipe collection you might like seeing

this is useful if you still have pumpkins a budget sheet tracking expenses another sheet can print free budget work sheets

I gave you sites for sheets so you would not have to buy any but I did want you to see how this lady put hers together. I like the reciepts in the page protector another work sheet

This is the time of year I feel like getting more organized this has lots of ideas

Here is a fun family nite frugal idea... I happen to like the flavor of gingerbread and if I were going to do this I would get the gingerbread flavored graham crackers but then there is choc flavored ones too hmmmmmmmm -

After all that hurrying around and tending to a lot of things now it is time to mend and take care of you here are a few things in this that sound great, tho I am not a tea drinker give me a hot cocoa and am sooooooooooothed this has quite a few things to look at but maybe there is some helpful things in there to help you be frugal too... click here and click on the gal and there are homemade cleaners lots of money to be saved in this area.

I want you to know though it looks like I just pick whatever every week, I assure you I pray to find what might be the most helpful for all of you... I hope that you are benefiting from these provident living messages and that it saves you time and helps you learn though sometimes you cannot make it to the classes and want to.

So that said, I want you to know I am proud of you and tho life seems to just keep dealing us hardships and things that make life harder. We must just keep pushing on and staying close to our Father in Heaven and do what He has asked us to do we will be blessed. If you notice others having a hard time see if there is something you can do to lighten their load, even a smile helps when the spirit is sad. There seems to be so many who have difficulties I think that it is good we all have each other. I used to think, wow it must just be us having it hard and a bishop once told me that the devil wants us to feel like we are all alone and on an island and that no one cares about us but it is not true, everyone has difficulties... everyone, I think there is no evading them.

Keep an eye on each other, check up on each other, do your visiting teaching as we sometimes do not know what pain others are suffering.

I will tell you something about Alice Herker you maybe did not know, those who have been here long enough did know her she was wonderful but one thing she did that I really admired, she would sit in sacrament meeting and she would write on the back of her program the names of people she did not see that week in church and then she would check up on them... I think how neat to have gotten to sit next to her to see that. It has left a mark on me.

We are all hear to help each other so push on, I think life is hard right now ....

Thanks for all you do and thanks for working hard on your storage to take care of those you love.  I love hearing all the things you do - YOU all inspire me!

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