Monday, August 8, 2022

Monday Message

"I wish to urge again the importance of self-reliance on the part of every individual Church member and family. None of us knows when a catastrophe might strike. Sickness, injury, unemployment may affect any of us. We have a great welfare program with facilities for such things as grain storage in various areas. It is important that we do this. But the best place to have some food set aside is within our homes, together with a little money in savings. The best welfare program is our own welfare program. Five or six cans of wheat in the home are better than a bushel in the welfare granary." (President Gordon B. Hinckley)

We are certainly seeing lots of these things happening every day.

We need to keep on working on stocking up and building our skills.

We need to keep all those affected by all that is going on in our prayers. It is like we cannot get back on our feet before something else happens. We need to be strong for others and still find joy along the way.

We must keep calm and carry on as they say.

I still have been deep cleaning and rearranging things as it is so hot and no rain so I am working inside.  As I have been working, I am thinking what do I have in house to use for organizing?

For example, I have this old crock.

I have put my rolls of tracing papers and interfacings in this and it works fantastically. The cost is free when you look for containers you already have.

I got this shoe organizer from freecycle years ago and use it to organize small pieces of fabrics...

This helps me to organize by color.

I worked in the sewing area just trying to consolidate. You remember my tracing off a pattern from my favorite t-shirt and making this from it?

I plan to make another from this pattern or one I just did a test shirt from using this fabric....

In the basket under the t-shirt are the free patterns I was putting together from online I mentioned a few weeks back, I have them ready to go.

I worked hard moving some things around in the stamp area as well...

This has given me more room on my desk.

With another heat wave coming this week I have been finding recipes that will not heat up the's a good excuse to go through my recipes again.

With the cost of groceries being so high I have been researching more frugal recipes as well as the ones that won't heat up the kitchen. So if you are going through your files, pull out some more frugal ones and see if you can stretch your grocery budget despite the rising costs.

I know right now with this heat it is hard to think of cold weather but it will be here before we know it so be thinking of ways to weatherize things we could be doing now to help our budget later.

One other thing I did this week was make this chicken...

This was a free pattern I have been wanting to make for a while...

Missy wants to remind you to be working on your skill building.

Gus says watching me work so hard has worn him out! He is reminding you to rest and find joy.


  1. We reorganized our pantry and food storage over the weekend. It is good to have a better idea of what is here. This week I will be canning stew which is a new thing for me but I want to have full meals ready to eat. I have been rethinking about how we eat in general and that we often eat too much protein at a meal. Reducing that will save money.

    1. That made me think of a podcast that I watched this week ....good job your stew sounds great

  2. Love your blog, don’t know why but I’m not getting email notifications anymore­čśö

    1. I am sorry that you don't get the notifications, my daughter who does this side of the blog says it has something to do with blogspot not sending notifications lately bla bla something computery :p that is my technical knowledge but we put up a new one every Monday afternoon, if you type in frugalmeasures blog you should get there, if you have trouble that way let us know. I am glad you love the blog!


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